Bylaws of 3V-SG

27, May, 2021


This study group is called “Virtual Verification & Validation using vECU Study Group”. The abbreviation is 3V-SG (hereinafter referred to as SG).

2. Objective

The objective is to widely research “virtual verification methods” as a means of verification and evaluation, and to provide and widely disseminate proposals on technologies and development methods for realizing the development and efficiency of mobility systems.

3. Activities

This study group will carry out the following activities in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

1.  The SG Meeting, SG Steering Committee, and SG Task Force will be held.

2.  Public relations

The activities of this study group will be made public through websites and events.

4. Members

The members of this study group are those who meet the membership qualifications stipulated in Article 9.

5. Operation

This study group is managed by the SG Steering Committee and the secretariat.

6. Task Forces

1. Set up

If detailed examination and research on a specific theme related to SG is required, the SG Task Force can be established in this study group with the agreement of the SG General Assembly.

2. Participation conditions

Participation in the SG Task Force is limited to members. Participation conditions may be set within an appropriate range for each SG task force and the number of participants may be limited according to the needs of the theme to be dealt with. Visitor participants can be invited with the consent of SG Task Force members.

3.  Disclosure of SG Task Force activity results

The SG Task Force may determine the scope of disclosure of deliverables by agreement of the SG Task Force. The scope of disclosure shall be either SG Task Force Limited, Member Only, or Open House.

4. confidentiality

Members who participate in SG shall be obliged to keep confidential information (deliverables and materials) that is not included in the disclosure range of Article 6.3, which was learned by SG. However, publicly known facts or information that can be duly obtained from others are excluded. The confidentiality obligation in this section shall be valid for 5 years after the withdrawal of the Society.

5. Intellectual property rights of activity results

The intellectual property rights of the activity products expressly transferred from the members of the SG Task Force to the SG Task Force, either orally or in writing, shall belong to SG.

6. Join and leave

Membership is managed by the membership list.

7. Public Relations

1. Public relations method

The secretariat will widely disseminate the contents of SG activities through the website and holding events.

2. Languages supported by the website

Both Japanese and English will be posted.

8. Cooperation with other institutions

This study group will collaborate with other institutions that meet its purpose. The collaborative organizations and the content of collaborative activities will be decided by a resolution of the SG General Assembly.

9. Membership

1. Obtaining membership

Individuals, corporations and organizations that have been approved to participate in the meeting by the resolution of the SG Steering Committee.

2. Maintaining / withdrawing membership

It will be maintained by participating in the SG Meeting and the SG Task Force and contributing or contributing to activities according to the purpose of the Society. Members can withdraw by submitting a withdrawal notice to the secretariat.

3. visitors

Those who participate in the SG Meeting before joining are treated as visitors.

10. Registration and update of member information

1. Registration of member information

Those who are admitted to this research pursuant to Article 9 (1) will complete the registration and renewal of membership information by notifying the secretariat that they have joined.

2. Update of member information

Members should take the procedure to change the registration information as soon as the registration information is changed.

3. Member registration list

This study group shall create and maintain a membership list based on the registered information. The membership list shall be shared and managed by the secretariat and the SG Steering committee, and shall be used legally within the scope of the activities of the Society.

11. Membership fee and participation fee

Membership and participation fees do not require this. However, it is possible to solicit sponsorship funds when holding events.

12. Convening SG Meeting

The SG Meeting is organized by members and convened by the SG Steering Committee.

13. Chair of SG Meeting

1. The chair of the SG Meeting shall proceed with the meeting if there is a resolution requiring a resolution at the SG Meeting and compile the resolution in accordance with Article 14.

2. The chair will elect one from the SG Steering Committee. However, if the chair is unable to attend the required meetings, the chair will appoint one of the SG Steering Committees as acting chair.

3. The term of office of the chairman shall be one year. The chair elects a new chair three months before the expiration of his term. However, with the consent of the SG Meeting, the reappointment of the chair will not be hindered.

14. Decision-making method in SG

1. Cases related to SG as a whole

Cases that affect the overall operation of the SG or affect the survival of the association shall be decided by a vote at the SG Meeting. Electronic means (email or voting system) may be used for urgent cases. The vote will be decided by a majority of the attendees. If the number of votes is the same, it depends on the chairman’s decision.

2. Cases related to operation and office work

With regard to matters related to the daily operation of SG and clerical matters, decisions and decisions can be made with the agreement within the Steering Committee. This agreement may use electronic means (email or voting system).

15. Convening SG Task Force

Conference method The SG Task Force will be held in a conference as needed.

16. Secretariat

1. Capacity

A few people.

2. Appointment method

The secretariat shall be appointed at the request of the SG Steering Committee.

17. Meeting Minutes

Regarding the proceedings of the SG Meeting, SG Steering Committee, and SG Task Force, minutes will be prepared for each activity, and the secretariat will keep the minutes agreed upon by each participant.

18. Information storage

The secretariat shall prepare a bulletin board for each activity, and information on each activity shall be stored on each bulletin board.

19. Reward for research activities

In principle, the activities of this study group are unpaid. However, when a speaker is invited to hold an event, the SG Steering Committee and the secretariat can discuss whether or not there is a reward each time.

20. Change of 3V-SG bylaws

These 3V-SG bylaws may be changed after a resolution of the SG Meeting. However, at the discretion of the SG Steering Committee, the provisionally changed 3V-SG bylaws may be applied only until the next SG Meeting.