Due to the sophistication of automobiles, automotive electronic systems that realize the functions of automobiles are becoming larger and more complex. In the development of automotive electronic systems, improving the efficiency of development is a major issue. The vECU-MBD Working Group (vECU stands for virtual electronic control unit), which is the predecessor of this activity, mainly executes the microcomputers in the ECU that are responsible for the realization of the functions of the automotive electronic system and on them in order to improve the efficiency of development. We have been working on solving problems by utilizing MBD (model-based development) to improve the efficiency of software development.

On the other hand, in the recent trend of CASE, the functions of cars such as automatic driving and network use have made great progress, and the targets of verification and evaluation in their development have expanded dramatically, and the targets of wide range of verification and evaluation have been expanded. It is an urgent issue to respond to the efficiency of development.

3V-SG(Virtual Verification & Validation using vECU Study Group)

3V-SG widely researches “virtual verification methods” as a means of verification and evaluation, those streamline the development of automotive electronic system. The purpose is to make proposals on technologies or development methods for this purpose, and to disseminate them widely.

Field of interest

Our field of interest includes following areas where they could utilize virtual verification technology to achieve efficient of automotive electronic system development. (Not limited to the following)

  • Model-based development (MILS、SILS、SPILS、HILS)
  • Tools and models
  • Machine infrastructure (cloud, network)
  • Functional Safety
  • Software-Defined Vehicle
  • Digital Twins
  • Virtual verification x AI
  • User interface, Debug interface
  • Multi-core CPUs
  • Development processes
  • Model exchange
  • Systems engineering
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Test
  • Data for verification and/or validation
  • Security

Organization of 3V-SG

The activities will be carried out by the general meeting of the participating members, the steering committee that decides the direction of the activities, and the secretariat. For detailed examination and research on a specific theme, we will create a task force (SG task force) within SG and carry out activities. In addition, we will promote activities effectively and efficiently in cooperation with other organizations that match the purpose.

Members of 3V-SG

3V-SG started its activities in July 2021, and engineers and researchers belonging to finished car makers, parts makers, semiconductor makers, tool vendors, and individuals are participating.